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Romina Andrea Krause.


She's a clown, an actress, a singer, a dancer, a juggler, a MOTHER and she's  Argentinian.

Born in the city of Buenos Aires, on August 29th, 1977. 


At an early age Romina became interested in dance, music and singing. As a teenager she began performing in theatre productions, from Shakespeare to musicals and also became interested in scenography. Upon graduating from high school she discovered the fascinating world of Circus stunts and Clowning. 


She studied Combined Arts (Film and Theatre) at the University of Buenos Aires. She graduated from the School of Dramatic Arts of Buenos Aires after studying with drama professor, theatre director and playwright Raúl Serrano. Other highlights in Romina's artistic training include Clowning Seminars delivered by Cristina Martí, Gabriel Chamé and Walter Velázquez; several Theatre performance, Characterization and Improvisation courses (Laban technique) with Mario Caligaris; Contact Workshop by Agustín Belusci (Spain); Singing and Voice Techniques with Mariano Vales; Course on Acrobatics by the Gala group; Courses on Circus at the School of Creole Circus and at Carampa (Madrid) as well as being a member of the Creative Group with the ARTSPOT production company.

For several years Romina took part in plays in English produced by Artspot and Acting Troupe, and performed in many independent Theatre Varietés and Circus shows. She joined the cast of “Magda”, a play based on a short story by Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano, put on by the Paponas Theatre group and also appeared in “El Peatón” (The Pedestrian), a play based on texts by Ray Bradbury, O. Girondo, Fontanarrosa and Leo Masliah, produced by the Lötsa Fiss group. She has performed in short and medium-length films for Eliseo Subiela's School of Cinematography, for the National  University of Film and for the Independent Film Festival. She's also part of the Circo Xiclo circus troupe.


Creator, Director and Performer of the show "Let the Sun Come Out", as MINA, "jAJAJA" co-created and co-directed "Humanus Comicus" along with Sebastian Guz and "ROLINRO", poetry and juggling. For several years she was Drama Teacher, Director, Assistant Director, Choreographer and Vocal Trainer in plays and musicals at different elementary schools, high schools and drama schools for adults.

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