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She is spontaneous , delirious and elastic. He is a cunning and ironic lunatic.

Together they have fun, move audiences and spread joy.


"JA JA JA " is a cocktail of laughter, music and healthy insanity, featuring the best sketches from the last 10 years of their careers.  


This energetic performance relies on a universal language and powerfully engages audience participation.

A show for all audiences. Humour, fire juggling, straps acts, wire acrobatics, bouncing ball, balloon modelling and aerial stunts.


 The audience takes an active role in this show, drawn in by its mad humour, high level of technical performance and live music. 


 An hour of fun with the poetical and playful spirit of popular entertainment.

It is a juggling number featuring crystal balls, suitable for events as well as circus and theater galas.


With bubbles, an umbrella and a suitcase she gets her kicks dancing, playing and creating a magically poetical atmosphere.

Time stops...


Suitable for all audiences.

Running time: 5 min. (Adaptable)

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