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                            "LES FRIKIS"

Music - Circus - Clown.

Creation 2020 - Duration 45 min  

Suitable for all ages.

Show for Theaters or Streets.

Les FRIKIS are a crazy and eccentric couple of

comedians who bring us an amazing show of magic, circus, song and dance, full of crazy and

comic situations.

"She" has a natural talent to shine on stage but she's

also crazy without brakes capable of ruining

every moment of the show.

"He" is meticulous, optimistic and despite suffer

before the ridiculous, is able to sustain to the

face of stone the tireless catastrophes of his wife.

Luckily they are clear, only love It will save you

from getting out safely from this eventful and

chaotic show.

Les FRIKIS is a witty and creative comedy familiar

that will make you laugh out loud.


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