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Niño Costrini is a big boy, skillful, mischievous and absurd in his lunacy. A crazy, spontaneous jumping Jack, who moves his audience and to whom everything is allowed.

A born provoker who makes irony and subtle sarcasm his means of expression and laughter his business. A show combining humour, circus stunts, frenzy and superb technique in equal doses, while reserving a special place for reflection in the guise of a joke. 


This energetic performance relies on a universal language, powerfully engages audience participation and has been presented in over 30 countries.   


 Niño Costrini has received the following awards:















  •   1st Prize Daidogei World Cup 2007-Japan.


  •   2nd Prize Daidogei World Cup 2006- Japan.


  •   1st Prize Festiclown 2004-Spain.


  •   1st Prize Valladolid Festival 2003-Spain.



Created, directed and starred by:


Sebastián Guz, internationally renowned clown, with a 20-year track record in Festivals.


"Material for festival organizers:"

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